It sure ain't easy raising kids in this consumption-oriented world.

My own youngest (much older than yours) has just walked in and said she realizes she doesn't *actually* need a fancy name-brand water bottle for Chanuka (though the name-brand leggings remain on the wish-list. Little by little...). Lists really help. Kids can write it all down with no environmental or economic consequences. It's a kind of possession even if the actual thing fails to materialize. Same for myself really.

Agree with you completely re the 'return' of some of the hostages (as though they had been borrowed; as if there were some legitimacy to it all). Relief yes, joy no.

Sending love and chickpeas

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This was beautifully written. The emotions and feelings in this piece really spoke to me. I’ve felt the same tension of wanting to buy (to be seen? control? be beautiful?) (my own feelings, not yours) and struggled with how it is paired up beside so much that we cannot control and can barely see. Thank you for writing this.

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